Friday, November 12, 2010

Blast off!

Just learned a little something today about hearing loss. Those with CIs are not prone to (further) damage due to loudness! You know how advocates are saying that constant exposure to loud sounds - whether from blasting music, elevated street noise, and the like - is a very serious cause of hearing loss. Well, this excessive noise causes damage to the hair cells in your cochlea, which down the road may prevent sound from transmitting to your brain.

We bionic folks are immune to this because our hair cells aren't used to transmit sounds to our brain. We have electrodes! Fancy schmancy!

So it's nice to know we can blast away and not have to worry about destroying our ears in the process. Does this make us superhuman? Well, not quite. We are not immune to headaches.

So somebody please, for the love of all things holy, turn that $&@%#ing thing down?!!!


Anonymous said...

haha! :) I have given myself 2 excruciating headaches so far by pushing too hard, but it's really amazing what this CI can do.

Anonymous said...

It's great, isn't it Dave?! The funny thing is, now that I have the CIs I don't need to turn my music anywhere NEAR as high as I used to!

The first time I used the Direct Connect (in each ear) to listen to my MP3 player, I set it on a fairly normal level and turned it on...and nearly jumped out of my skin. I had to turn it down to 2 or 3, LOL.

Happy Birthday!!

~ Wendi

Pandaundercover said...

Ya, we may not worry about the hair cells dying now, but headaches and tinnitus can still occur. After my 3rd mapping and an increase in the high frequencies, the following day I had the volume too high when I put the CI on for the morning and I had tinnitus for the next 2 days! I had to leave the CI off the day; it was ridiculous. I haven't gotten headaches from it yet though; so far it is nothing as horrible as my hearing aids were. Ha. Happy Belated Birthday.